Zagorochoria Tzoumerka

Why touring with Eudaimonia and not another agency?

Yes, we visit the sites you have booked, but there is more to it.

☼ We enjoy each tour ourselves which is very important for YOU! You want a guide that will not treat you mechanically and touristy and in a boring way!

☼ We have a personal connection with all the locations we visit. This means we know the coffee man, the ouzo place, the hotel people, the locals, the winery people, the monk in the monastery, the engineer in the mountain train, the olive press owner, the feta cheesemaker, the cook that caters to the special food for us, and so many more people and local small businesses.

☼ We have the local knowledge of creating “special moments” at all the locations we choose to stop at for this extra experience that will make the difference.

☼ At every place we visit, we’ll get special treatment from the people we know and mutually respect

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What are the features that travelers give us the most positive feedback about?

    1. The personalization of our services
    2. The food & drink
    3. The special moments we create and you don’t see in the itinerary
    4. The locations we overnight and accommodation
    5. The Ouzo stop
    6. The Greek coffee stop
    7. Attention to detail

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☼ You get more than you pay for.

☼ We know our way around and make sure you get to see & feel all these things that most people miss out on.

☼ We have always been a really private tour agency. Most agencies call their tours “private” but they mean a small group with other strangers around you!

☼ You encounter “experiences” while we travel together, because we know the locals and avoid the touristy way.

Please, read our TripAdvisor reviews carefully and you will know more about us!