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About Us!

We never wear black or at least not all the time like most tour agencies ask their guides/drivers to do. We want to be not to look professional.

Our cars are not black either; but they are … 2019-2020 and stupidly clean! Most agencies have black cars to make customers feel they get the luxurious treatment. Our service to you matters most to us and we like to be clean, well dressed, even in a pair of shorts if too hot (Greece… summer?) so we meet the locals wherever we go looking just like you to do.

We are a small but very flexible private tour agency even with last minute situations. We don’t look at the clock and we don’t count money. Lunch (traditional Greek “meze”) is always included (so … no commission based stops for your lunch!) and you can have your extra drinks or snacks too as long as you are considerate and logical. Even half day tours or simple transfers will include some snacks, bottled water or homemade cookies!

Hydra boat tour

No touristy stops unless you ask us too. The driver/guide will stop for a minute or two if he/she feels a rest is needed.

None of us will wait at the airport or hotel to pick you up holding up a sign with the name of our tour agency or your name! You will have a photo & name of the person meeting you and you can also tell us a bit about yourselves, if you don’t want to send a photo. We don’t like mechanical faceless methods but more human and personal ones. After all we only provide “Private Tours” so you & we will have to kow each other.

Hope u r ok with our way & we also hope to see u soon and let you have a “taste” of real Greece without the formalities but just the professionalism, the politeness and hospitality!