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Overtourism issues?

Yes! This “was” a problem that helped us to differentiate. It’s easy for us because we are small, private, and committed! And, we love what we do! But overtourism will not be an issue for the near future!


  • Where you go, what you do, how you spend, whom you talk to. It all makes a difference.
  • We try to get out of the tourist bubble and see how locals live.
  • When we arrive in a place, we & you become part of that place.
  • We avoid peak times.
  • We hit museums and sights early before crowds arrive.
  • We can do all these even in high season. We know how to!
  • We avoid the faceless big chains of hotels but still stay at 5-star hotels or what can be the best experience at each location even without the stars!
  • We eat (a very important part of all our tours) at places that even locals would like to know about.

You should confirm the above if you read our reviews.