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Greek Drinks

Greece is the country of ouzo, tsipouro, Cretan raki, excellent Greek wines, and Chios (island) masticha! But at the same time, there are about 120 craft beers “crafted” by microbreweries across mainland Greece and the islands.

The age restrictions are similar to the ones in your countries but kids in Greece will easily buy drinks (for the adults); no questions asked! Why? Because we don’t have a problem with alcoholism and the youngsters are not crazy about getting to the legal age and start drinking stupidly!

For most adults, drinking is about three things:

  1. good company
  2. good location
  3. good food

Normally, we need two out of three in order to drink.

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Of course, we will also have a drink at home in the evening. Likewise at lunch or dinner with all of the family, including tasting for the teenagers!

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