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Why you should avoid staying in Athens?

You plan to visit Greece! Yes? Great idea any way you look at it. The limited problems during COVID-19 make the country a perfect post-pandemic destination.

However, we will strongly recommend you avoid Athens. The magic of Greece is away from the big city. The sites, the history, the mountains, the coastline, the people, the food and drink, the islands, are not in Athens!

Even more, the authenticity and real Greece is definitely not in Athens.

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And leave out Athens? Of course not! So you have two options:

Either spend a day and night in Athens (it’s enough) to see all the main sites and then swiftly get out of the big city to a unique countryside location


get to this countryside location directly from the airport and plan a day trip to Athens from that location.

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Some facts to consider:

  1. Most people locate themselves in Athens and travel from Athens to the rest of the sites they have decided to visit and explore. You can do the exact opposite.
  2. Athens is busy, noisy, non-authentic, expensive for what it offers, and touristy
  3. Driving into Athens or out of Athens is a total waste of time due to traffic. You save yourselves this time if your base is out of Athens to start with.
  4. If you are thinking about COVID-19, cleanliness, etc. the countryside should be your choice.
  5. Even before the COVID-19 era, the experienced and well-researched visitors would avoid Athens as much as possible.
  6. Accommodation away from Athens is perfect! Food and drink, the best!
  7. Locations to base yourselves away from Athens? Contact us!


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