Which Greek Beer?

How Do Greeks Drink their Beer?

Greece is the country of ouzo, tsipouro, Cretan raki, excellent Greek wines, and Chios (island) masticha! But at the same time, there are about 120 craft beers “crafted” by microbreweries across mainland Greece and the islands.

For the Ancient Greeks wine was the “nectar of the gods” but the aristocratic ancient Greeks also loved a beer or two!

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How Do Greeks Drink their Beer?

A warm beer (as served in the UK) does not exist in Greece! So when ordering a beer, most Greeks, in their home towns, will ask the waiter to bring the coldest beer in the fridge. You will rarely find a Greek getting drunk with beer. The beer will accompany meat and souvlaki dishes. Greek consumers prefer to buy Greek-made products in a show of support for local businesses.

So until recently, it was all about Mythos, Alfa, FIX which as they became popular the big foreign companies stepped in and bought them. But now the Greeks are gradually moving away from these brands exploring smaller less well-known beers.

Greeks will not get drunk with beer which is considered a refreshment. And, they will not drink much beer at home but most of the time at restaurants the bars, and the beach.

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food beer drinks

Beers in the islands

Island: Tinos – Brand: NISSOS Craft Beer

Paros – 56 Isles

Chios – Chios Beer Dyo Fili, Smoked Robust Porter, Chios beer BBQ

Rhodes – Zythos Vap and Magnus Lager Knights Beer

Santorini – Crazy Donkey and Volkan

Kefalonia – Kefalonian Beer

Folegandros – Katsika (Named after the local goats)

Lesvos – Nissiopi and Sedusa

Crete – Brink’s, Lyra Handcrafted beer, and Charma beer

Μykonos – Mikonu craft

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Beers on the mainland

Area: Katerini  – Brand: Olympos Beer (The beer of the Gods)

Thessaloniki – Thita & Zita

Sparta – Sparta lager

Stemnitsa – Menalon Beer (Named after the Arcadia mountain range)

Kalamata – Sura ale

Mani – Nema, and Neda (Named after the river in the Messinia region)

Serres – Voreia (Pilsner, Summer Ale, Wit Beer, Stout Beer)

Argos – Zeos

Larissa – Lola beer

Thessaloniki – Sknipa (It means “drunk”)

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