The Castle Town of Monemvasia

It is located at the Southeast-East tip of the Mythical Peloponnese.

The castle town of Monemvasia: the “stone ship” of the Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos. The cross-road of civilizations throughout the centuries. Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, the Pope, the pirates, and Ottomans have all left indelible marks of their domination on this magic rock.

monemvasia water

Castles and walls, old mansions, narrow cobblestone pavements, churches, old short arches, arcs, escutcheons, marble imperial thrones, Byzantine icons are giving the impression of an imaginary town untouched by the passing of time.

Entering the castle through its unique/single entrance (“moni emvassi” in Greek) where the town of Monemvasia took its name from, a journey to the past begins, from the 6th century when the castle was initially inhabited, until nowadays.