Exploring the birthplace of the Olympic Games, some Late Bronze Age settlements, and the famous medieval castle towns is one part of the Peloponnese region… the Mythical Peloponnese region! BUT, the other part is that Greek food which is a heaven for foodies!

If you love extra-virgin olive oil and produce like citrus fruit, tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes, dairy products & feta cheese, meat dishes don’t waste your time in Athens! Plan several days touring the Peloponnese, one of Greece’s most geographically diverse and historically rich destination, filled with UNESCO sites and Herculean myths.

The Dishes & Desserts

Here are some of our favorite:

☼ Gourounopoula (roast pork) ☼ Amazing keftedes (meatballs) or local “burgers” ☼ Handmade pasta (hylopites) ☼ Kagiana (scrambled eggs with tomato and sausage) ☼ Fried or grilled vegetables ☼ Augolemono dishes (egg whites & lemon sauce) ☼ Diples (twisted fried dough, drizzled with local honey) ☼ Honey (vanilla) ☼ Mountain herbs ☼ Galaktoboureko (milk-based pie)

☼ Melotiri (fried feta cheese in filo with sesame and honey)

… the choices and tastes are limitless! Yes, we know! There is also Greek salad, Dolmades, Gemista (stuffed tomatoes, peppers, etc), Spanakopita, Baklava, Souvlaki, Gyros! We try to avoid the “touristy” ones which you will meet anyway!

The local wines and spirits

The area of the Peloponnese you should be looking at if you are into wine tasting is called Nemea and is full of the famous Herculean myths.

The wine varieties are many but these are the ones you should expect to encounter more easily:

☼ Roditis

☼ Assyrtiko

☼ Mandilaria

☼ Malagouzia

☼ Agiorgitiko

☼ The classics: Chardonnay & Merlot

You can not miss the Nemea area -the Greek Napa Valley- since it is right at the entrance of the Peloponnese peninsula. But even if you don’t want to visit a wine tasting location, you will have many experiences of Greek wine while exploring the tavernas. Ouzo and Tsipouro are the other two most common drinks for the Greeks but also many local beers (always cold!) and some great after food home-made liqueurs like Mastiha.

YOU DO NOT NEED a food tour in touristy Athens!

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The food dishes you will be tasting during the tours will be the real experience of food & drink in Greece.

Anything else is just “made for tourists”.