What about the “great lunch” included with all our day/multi-day tours?

The touristy way for almost all tour agencies is that at some point in the tour they will point you to a place to enjoy & pay for your lunch. Yes, there is a commission behind this “transaction” which forms a bad connection/dependency between the agency and the taverna with several side effects.

nemea lunch food

We do exactly the opposite. Lunch & drinks are included and are an important part of all our day and multi-day tours. Why? Because you are in Greece! Greece is about many things like the culture, the history, the sun, the people, the atmosphere, the islands but always in between there is the FOOD!

food water

So if you think about it, the food is included and you are expecting the best. You will review us after the tour based on the food too. Thus, we have done our research and we have selected the best places (not the obvious, pretentious, touristy, mechanical, places!) at each location. We even order for you -if you let us- just to make sure you get the best but based on your feedback which we make sure we have in advance.

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At each location, we have at least a couple of places to make sure we cover all scenarios of your food preferences. Our criteria are good friendly people/owners, excellent food, nice environment.

☼ Please, do check out our FAQs Not 4 Dummies section to see all our FAQs. It contains a wealth of knowledge for the first time but also the experienced visitor of Greece.