Sexual orientation & demographics?

We welcome and have welcomed men, women, couples,  families, groups of friends, kids (with family), and everyone from the LGBT community. You can be impolite and make a fool of yourself independently of your color, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, bla, bla, bla! Greeks are open, very hospitable, and with a good sense of humor! So, it’s all up to you. Our tour leaders are people that will “short out” any situation and create a perfect experience for you.

We have been very lucky! Most of the time we travel with amazing people and you can tell that this is so if you read carefully our reviews. This is because of our website, reviews, and descriptions attract the right people for what we offer best. If you have been referred by a friend things are very easy for all of us!

The more outgoing and open you are, the better time you will have with us and we’ll make sure we’ll adjust the tour to fit perfectly to your likes and dislikes.

mani people

Most of our clients (80%) come from English speaking countries such as the US, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand. The remaining 20% of our visitors are for Europe, India, Israel, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, China. Most of our clients are women (65%) as we seem to have a good chemistry probably because women are better at reading between the lines and are also very good judges of human nature.

Hydra island

☼ Do check out our FAQs Not 4 Dummies section to see all our FAQs. It contains a wealth of knowledge for the first time but also the experienced visitor of Greece.