When is the best time to visit Greece?

All Year Round!

Mid-July to end of August is high-high season but if you know-how, it can be great too. Some areas, and without missing anything of what Greece has to offer, are just fine to visit at high season.

The ideal months are May-June & September-October. The rest of the months are great too and you will be unlucky to visit on the very few days that the weather is rainy or too cold.

Most of our tours are better the more off-season you visit. Particularly, some of them are great during peak/hot time since they take you to much cooler places.

TIP: If you do know how to plan, you can create a great itinerary and visit in the middle of high season (July-August) and still have an amazing time without feeling the pressure of the crowds or the summer heat! Still, no compromises!

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