Do we offer “food” tours?

Yes! But…

We don’t do the classic touristy food tour which is almost always in Athens.

Food is an important part of all our tours anyway. Food tours are part of our tours in two different ways:

a) We include lunch in all our day and multi-day tours and this is a real experience since we simply don’t “eat” at any place that is nearer, or convenient, or kicks back a good commission! Including lunch means that YOU pay for it so you have every right to judge your tour from lunch too!  This gives us no option but to research and provides the best possible location, food, drink, taverna, and service! At the same time, there is no fixed menu. All this put together means that every day you spend with us is a deliberately created food experience/tour. Our tours, if you are out-going enough, can give you a taste of everything; food, wine, Greek desserts, people, Greek coffee, Ouzo (the proper way), and more!

b) And of course, some of our tours are even closer to what people consider a food tour, like the following unique food & drink experiences:

Food Lovers’ Tour: Privately Catered Cooking, Lunch & Drinks Full Day Experience Exploring the Mythical Peloponnese

nemea lunch food


4-Day Food, Cooking & Sightseeing Tour: Corinth – Olympia or/& Sparta – Arcadia Mountains & Monasteries- Wine Tasting – Caves


These tours will be even more focused on food & drink but in a different and definitely non-touristy way. Out in the countryside, a local lady will cook just for us and depending on your feedback of likes & dislikes. Organic ingredients by default, home produce, hospitality, and authenticity! This simply can’t happen if you do a food tour in Athens or any typical touristy location.

We will also provide the wine by stopping at the famous Nemea (Nemea Lion and Hercules?) which is the Greek “Napa Valley”.

If you are vegetarian, just let us know. Easiest of all if you are in Greece!

It doesn’t get any more authentic and exciting than this. Even Greeks will find it difficult to set up a tour like this.

☼ Please, do check out our FAQs Not 4 Dummies section to see all our FAQs. It contains a wealth of knowledge for the first time but also the experienced visitor of Greece.