olive oil

What can I buy and take home while in Greece?

Consider, what are your country’s restrictions and weight allowance before you buy!

Then if you can actually carry things with you we would recommend you consider the following:

Olive oil from a good source which is not the supermarket or a souvenir shop. The supermarket is a better solution than the souvenir shop, and the olive oil will still be a lot better than what you get at home! Ideally, ask us in advance we will short it out either by getting for you what you need or depending on the tour you can buy it yourselves.

Olives. We will also give you the truth about green and black and … red olives!

Wine is very good if you do visit a winery for wine tasting. No so great at supermarkets or other touristy places.

food wine

Oregano & mountain tea.

food theme

Vanilla honey! It does not taste like vanilla. It is difficult to find and produced only in the mountains that are full of Christmas trees.


Unfortunately, Greek cheeses (Feta, etc) are not so easy to carry with you! Enjoy them while in Greece as part of various Greek salads, pasta, cheese pies, and saganaki.

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