Wine and food

Can I do olive-oil and/or wine-tasting?

Olive-oil tasting? Mmm …food

Professional olive-oil tasters sip the oil straight from little blue glasses that look like candle-holders. However, you must remember that olive oil is an ingredient in the food, and tasting it straight is definitely not as exciting (yummy). So, if you ask us, we would suggest you skip the olive oil tasting but not the olive oil! Here are some ways to “olive-oil taste” as a Greek would:

☼ Find the great Greek restaurants away for the usual tourist-traps and Athens. It is called olive-oil tasting by means of food tasting

☼ Take part in authentic food tours or cooking classes.

☼ There are numerous authentic olive-oil outlets from local producers but always away from Athens!

☼ There are also numerous olive presses to ask one of your tour agencies to help you plan a visit (formal or not)!

Tip: Look at the olive-oil on the fish plate above. This is the real color of olive oil or even greener! As for the taste, you need to start eating like a Greek to discover it!

Wine tasting? Big YES!

food wine

Look for the area called Nemea (Mythology: Nemea Lion & Hercules?). It’s Greece’s “Napa valley! Beautiful area, many family-owned wineries, next to the archeological site of Nemea and easy to access from Athens. Most of your tours out of Athens will be going past it!

Tip1: Always try the house wine while dining out; even at the fanciest of the restaurants! Order a “quarter” (of a liter). If you like it try more and … cold!

Tip2: Try the rose! It’s the most popular wine for the Greeks. Very cold just like the white.

☼ Please, do explore our FAQs Not 4 Dummies section to see all our FAQs. It contains a wealth of knowledge for the first time but also the experienced visitor of Greece.