[1] Booking directly with Eudaimonia, any day or multi-day trip, automatically gets you FREE CONSULTATION for all of your holidays. We can provide some very useful and money saving advise. We will answer all your travel questions and help build your itinerary. Key tips, advice on scenic routes & hidden gems are always included. Let us check your hotel for you (location, safety@night, transport).


[2] Book directly with Eudaimonia, two day-tours or a multi-day tour with Eudaimonia Private Tours and get a FREE daytime TRANSFER to or from the airport/port for two people. If you are arriving, you will have piece of mind that one of us will be waiting to welcome you and drive you anxiety-free to your hotel. If you are catching a plane, your private driver will make sure you are on time or even take you for a quick tour & drink if you are checking out much earlier than your flight. If there is no availability for any of the above transfers we will discount the amount from your tour payment (38 EUR) or will arrange an alternative driver to transfer you.

Terms & Contitions of the Offers

The special offers are only for people that book directly with Eudaimonia and not through travel agents, OTAs, etc. However, we’ll still consider special discounts or free services depending on your planned tours with us. We also remind you to read our Terms and Conditions section which included our cancellation policy, in order to avoid misunderstandings.