Visiting Delphi and the famous Oracle? Some important tips 4 U!

[TIP 1]

Do not compromise for a visit to Delphi without including Hosios Loukas monastery in your itinerary! It’s a UNESCO world heritage site, just like Delphi. Beautiful & peaceful in a great location! If you are making the trip to Delphi, it is a waste not to see the Hosios Loukas monastery. And don’t forget to ask John & George (@the coffee shop) for a drink/coffee under the big trees, and the fantastic views of the monastery’s courtyard.

Hosios Loukas

[TIP 2]

The Temple of Athena Pronaia is a temple at the ancient site of Delphi, which is the “trademark” photo of any guide book or online article (see below).


It is located just 200 meters away from the main Delphi sites – on the opposite side of the main road. Again many (most) visitors will not get as far as this other smaller Delphi site. Do look for it and take one of the best photos of your trip!

[TIP 3]

Be aware that both Delphi (the village next to the site) and Arachova (the one before the site) are both veeery touristy. So you need to be extra careful when selecting your lunch place.


[TIP 4]

While in the Delphi area and at approximately 1,000 meters altitude, you are still only 20 minutes away from a beautiful coastline with great seaside towns including our favorite Galaxidi which you can include in your tour.


Here are all the details of our private day tour to the Archeological Site of Delphi, Museum, Athena Pronaia and Hoisos Loukas monastery.