Transfer from/to the airport?

Taxi price from the Athens airport to the center of Athens is 38 EUR flat rate (night-time rate is 55 EUR), all included and takes around 50 minutes with normal traffic. Do … expect higher pricing so it is always very good to practice to confirm before “engaging” in an adventure!

bus x96

You can also use the underground/tube which is even cheaper and still easy if you are young. We would only suggest it if you are on a very strict budget and your hotel/destination is right next to a train stop.

A bus (X96) also runs directly to the center of Athens but with the same issue as the train. The X95 goes to the Piraeus port if you need to catch a boat.


We are not into transfers and when we do it, it is only for clients of our tours. Honestly, the extra cash is good for us, if we are available from our tours, but we would mainly do it for keeping “our” customers happy and away from any “traumatic experiences”. Even if you just do a small part of your holiday with us we don’t want anything spoiling your stay in Greece. So, even if we can’t do it for you, we’ll arrange it with people that we trust and worry-free for you. If you can trust us with your important private tour, you should trust us for a simple transfer.


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