cave of lakes
☼☼☼ Corinth, Cave of Lakes, Odontotos Railway Private Tour with Great Lunch Included ☼☼☼

Nikos picked us up at our hotel in Athens at 8 am. I wasn’t sure what to expect as there was only one review of this tour. He drove us up to Corinth, which was about an hour or so away. On the way, we stopped at a human-made canal, which was extremely deep. I had never heard of a human-made canal other than the Panama Canal, so it was very interesting when Nikos told us the story.
Once we got up to historical Corinth, we toured the ruins and the mini-museum, which were amazing. The landscape and history, we marveled at because it was so old. It was also awesome because Corinth is so far off the tourist path that it is a hidden gem. We were the only ones there at the time and could really take our time.
Then we headed up to the Cave of Lakes and OMG I have never seen anything so beautiful and awe-inspiring. It was very cool in the cave, which was a relief as we were touring in the hottest part of July. We got to walk in 500 meters and see eight natural lakes, which were so crystal clear and blue from the lighting. This cave was so impressive; it should be one of the wonders of the world. Again, it was a hidden gem and just opened to the public in 2006, and because it was off the beaten tourist path, we saw it only with a guide and another couple from Greece.
Nikos then took us to a small home town where we had a delicious authentic Greek lunch with wine. It was so delicious, I tried making some of the dishes myself but couldn’t come close to matching it.
He then saw us off in the best seats on a small train taking us from the top of the mountain on a scenic ride down the mountain where he met us with Greek coffee that my aunt fell in love with at the coffee shop we stopped at on the way up.
Nikos was the best tour guide. He was honest and personal, and I know that we have now a very good friend in Greece. Our next trip there will most definitely include Nikos.