Review for: Delphi, Arachova mountain village, and Hosios Loukas Unesco Monastery Day Tour

What a spectacular day! I recently took a Private Delphi and Hosios Loukas tour with Nikos of EUDAIMONIA Private Tours. A small business started ten years ago, it was obvious at all of the stops that Nikos, one of the founders and owner, was well-known, liked, and respected. Still, he was very humble, unpretentious, and thoroughly informative. Small touches made and already excellent day, outstanding. From homemade cookies, enjoying green almonds from a tree, a quick stop for a most authentic local yogurt, to coffee and a treat after the (beautiful) monastery tour, the trip was perfect throughout. Email communication was quick and detailed, and he can also make other “concierge” arrangements in addition to any bookings. Oh, and flinch was local, generous, and varied…a great introduction to fresh, Greek cuisine. I only wish I would’ve taken a photo with this wonderful (guide), new friend. Looking forward to returning and highly recommend!