☼☼☼ Cliff-hanging Monasteries, Mountain Villages of Peloponnese, Lousios Gorge & River ☼☼☼

WOW, what can one say about this tour? It was excellent!

Our guide, Nikos, seemed more like a long-lasting friend than a tour guide. He tailored the tour to suit us, our fitness levels, food options, and interests. We motored through the extremely winding roads of the Peloponnese mountains, stopping to explore and enjoy the mountain villages. We journeyed through the stunning forests of pine and autumn trees, which were changing to brilliant colors. We visited the villages of Dimitsana and Stemnitsa, very stunning villages with narrow streets lined with Tavernas and interesting shops selling local goods and souvenirs. We dined on local cuisine – sampling various Greek dishes.

A ... proposal

We explored the Museum of Water Power, which appeared to have had a recent upgrade using beautiful local timbers and decorative stonework. We learned about the tanning process for animal hides and sighted old machinery & stills. We stopped at the small church of St Ioannis, above the gorge, after visiting Monastery Emialon, where we were shown the museum of icons and monastery artifacts.

Greek cookies, desserts and coffee

We later enjoyed Turkish delight and tasted a greek coffee at the amazing Prodromou Monastery, which was a part cave and hidden by the trees, becoming visible as it clung to the cliff face, only after a 15-minute walk through the lovely rambling countryside. I highly recommend this tour.
Thank you, Nikos, for such a wonderful day, your knowledge, and your friendliness. We will definitely use your tour company again when/if we are ever back in Athens.
Judy and Michelle Kean, Tasmania, Australia