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☼☼☼ Aegina Island & Temple of Athina Aphaia: A Unique Getaway to Sapphire Water ☼☼☼

We toured with Nikos two days in a row. The first day we took this tour and enjoyed seeing the countryside away from the crowds of Athens. Nikos was a great driver and shared so many interesting things about Greece and the areas we were visiting. After a ferry ride to Aegina, we enjoyed being back in his van (super clean and new) for our personalized tour to a monastery, the Temple of Athena, and a smaller island for swimming. Loved being able to go at our own pace and get a personalized tour. He had great suggestions for meals/snacks and things to try. I highly recommend booking a tour with Nikos! (Day two, we also had a great experience at the boat museum and Temple of Poseidon – all tours with Nikos are sure to be great!)

Trieres at the boat museum  Cape Sounion - temple of Poseidon