Greek coffee
☼☼☼  Corinth, Cave of Lakes, Odontotos Railway Private Tour with Great Lunch Included ☼☼☼

Forget the typical tourist spots that are heavily advertised – this tour by Nikos is the premier activity you can find in Greece and beyond. It combines history, food, and nature combined with a pleasant and knowledgeable guide to make the best experience you could ever imagine. Under Nikos’ guidance, we were amazed at the Corinth canal with a stop to walk across it and observe the construction and design of this unique canal. Just after we were treated to a wonderful tour of ancient Corinth. This city is complex and sophisticated and defies your typical expectation of ancient ruins. You can clearly see the details of the city infrastructure and easily see how people lived and functioned there. It was also quite amazing to see and stand where the Apostle Paul did as he spoke with and interacted with the Corinthians. Later as we headed to the Cave of Lakes, Nikos introduced us to a leisurely stop in a small village square to try fine Greek coffee and just to enjoy some relaxation in the cool breezes and local color of the square. At the Cave of Lakes, it was absolutely beautiful to see the formations and structure of this ancient cave. The cave was easy to navigate as a very substantial walkway made it comfortable and easy to tour and discover many beautiful sights. We have visited caves all around the world, and this one is certainly one not to miss as it can hold its own with any of the others we have seen. Next, we had a terrific lunch at a small family-run place picked out years ago by Nikos. He had subtly picked our brains on the drive to determine what foods he thought we would enjoy. So we left it to him to decide what to order. What a great decision on our part. Everything was wonderful and so fresh tasting with amazing combinations of flavors and variety. We were very pleased to learn that the outstanding food and drinks we had were all produced by the family, and that easily explains why it tasted so wonderful. Next was the ride from the top of the mountain all the way down to the coast on a fantastic narrow gauge Odontotos railway. This was a 50-minute ride with outstanding views around every corner. Nikos arranged for us to be seated at the front, so we had the best views. Our mouths were agape the whole way as we proceeded in what amounted to a ride inside the mountains seeing nature and views no one sees unless they take this train. If you think you have been on a scenic railway before, take this one, and you will see the epitome of scenic. This was our last day of a 12-day trip, and it was by far the most memorable experience. Thank you, Nikos!