☼☼☼ Mycenae – Nafplio – Epidaurus ☼☼☼

I had a fantastic Eudaimonia tour with Nikos to the Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Nafplio, and Epidaurus. Along the way, we stopped for a delectable and authentic lunch in Nafplio (included in the tour price–amazing). This was truly a highlight of my visit to Athens, and I savored every minute of the experience.


Moreover, Nikos is personable, highly knowledgeable, and an excellent all-around guide. (He even provided delicious homemade cookies, for goodness sake!) Truthfully, I randomly booked my tour with Eudaimania for the second day of my visit, but I put myself in their hands for the remainder of my trip after the first tour.

Truly, I cannot speak highly enough about this company’s -and Nikos’s in particular- attention to efficiency, detail, and tailoring a tour to a person’s own interests and tastes. If Athens could have a national tourism spokesperson, my vote would go to Eudaimonia!