☼☼☼ Delphi, Arachova mountain village and Hosios Loukas Monastery Day Tour from Athens ☼☼☼

Booked the tour a couple of days before arriving in Athens. The drive to Delphi is about 2 hours. We stopped at a small town on the way up I think that the tour buses stop there on the way down. Nikos dropped us off at one end of the main street so we could do some shopping and get some coffee and walk through the town. They met us on the other side of the street to continue the trip. The scenery was great since he took the back roads to avoid the traffic on the highways.


Once we got to Delphi, we agreed on a time and place to meet after we completed our tour. The Delphi site is amazing, as are the views. I would suggest going all the way to the top to see the Stadium first as it is a bit of an uphill climb. And if it’s hot and you have already been steadily climbing uphill, it can be a trek. Once you see the Stadium head down to view the rest of the site–and the views on your way down are made for photos and selfies. Once we finished, we met Nikos and then went down the road to the other part of the site–where the temples to Athena are located. This is the site of the temple usually used on all of the advertisements I saw for Delphi. There were only about 5 people there touring including us. Nikos dropped us off and we arranged a signal for him to come get us when we were through. I don’t think the busses go there since there is hardly any parking on the side of the road.

Delphi Meteora tour Athens

Once we left there we headed toward the Hosios Lukas Monastery Holy Luke. On the way we stopped at a cafe/bar in another small town that had an outside area for drinks and snacks. Both were excellent. The owner kept bringing out various dishes for us. There were other locals at the bar and the weather was nice, so it was a great place to stop. The Monastery is definitely recommended. It is still an active monastery the sanctuary is amazing and has been untouched since built in 953. The views are also great. We sat and had cappuccinos and pastry before leaving. Nikos’ son drove back and we got to the hotel in time to relax and head out for dinner.

figs food

We mentioned to Nikos that we were planning to go to the market the next day in Athens to get some fresh figs while they were still in season. Unfortunately, we never made it. However, when we got back to the hotel, Nikos had dropped off a Thank You note and package. Inside were fresh figs!