Private tours Athens Greece

☼☼☼ Private 2-Day Tour to Top Unesco Sites of Delphi & Meteora ☼☼☼

We went with Nikos (our guide) to Delphi and Meteora. Delphi was tremendous!! Recommend you have Nikos show you the amazing Temple of Athena Pronaia ( he said 90% of visitors don’t even know it is there AND it was the place where the Oracle actually gave her answers). Nikos then took us to an authentic Greek lunch at a family-run restaurant in a small village.

Meteora wiki

I had a life-altering experience when a dessert of hot lemon cake (right out of the pan) was served. What makes Nikos special is he is attentive and actually listens to your wishes and makes things happen. After a night at a great hotel in Meteora, we visited a few monasteries. Nikos asked us our “walking ability level” and steered us to the appropriate sites. The views were amazing!! I highly recommend this tour….but that lemon cake ..mmmm..