The Mythical Peloponnese – The stunning southern mainland of Greece

Discover the Peloponnese, where Myth meets history.
Monuments from its eventful past; archeological sites, such as ancient Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae and Epidaurus, the Temple of Apollo Epicurius; Byzantine churches; unique villages and alluring castles amidst stunning natural beauty.
Last but not least the Peloponnese is surrounded by sea, blessed with lovely beaches, which are mostly sandy on the west and rocky on the east.
It will cover most of what you need to see, explore and taste from the best region in Greece. It includes a great mix of history & culture, mountains & coastline, people, food & drink, islands, mountain villages, caves. And of course, amazing overnights at the best locations from an ancient castle to a modern gorgeous resort to a mountainside boutique treasure.

However, the places in the Peloponnese are limitless. Just to name a few more to help your google/research:

☼ Pylos ☼ Methoni

☼ Ancient Messene ☼ Epicurius Apollon

☼ The wineries of Nemea (the Nemean Lion from Greek Mythology?)

☼ Nestor’s Palace ☼ Voidokoilia

☼ Islands: Hydra, Spetses, Kythira, Elafonisos

☼ Kardamili & the House of Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor (Benaki Museum)

☼ Cape Tainaron ☼ Vatheia ☼ Areopolis ☼ Gerolimenas