Here are a couple of tips for those visiting the archeological site of Delphi which is a really large % of Athens visitors.

[Tip 1] Do not compromise for a visit to Delphi without including Osios Loukas monastery to your itinerary! This is a UNESCO world heritage site, just like Delphi. Beautiful & peaceful in a great location! If you are making the trip to Delphi it is really a waste not to see the Osios Loukas monastery.

[Tip 2] The Temple of Athena Pronaia is a temple at the ancient site of Delphi which is the most common guide book photo (see below) and is located 200 meters away from the main Delphi sites – across the road and to the left. Again many (most) visitors will not get as far as this second, smaller Delphi site. Do look for it and take one of the best photos of your trip! And don’t forget to ask John & George (@the coffee shop) for a coffee in its courtyard under the big trees and the amazing views.

[Tip 3] While in the Delphi area please remember that you are still very close to a beautiful coastline with two great sideside towns that are worth a visit and probably a swim. These are Itea and Galaxidi (our favourite).

Galaxidi seaside town