Greece IS a healing place but only for the visitor that can manage NOT to be a typical tourist.

You need to do your extensive research before visiting Greece so that you can avoid:

  1. the tourist traps
  2. the touristy food & drink
  3. the pretentious services of the “must-see” places
  4. the “crazy-busy” islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, or Ios.
  5. and of course, spend no more than 1-2 nights in Athens!

people mani

Then, you can really enjoy the healing process by visiting the countryside of Greece and experiencing:

  1. the mountains and the coastline that does not end
  2. the Peloponnese region
  3. the central/north region of Greece with the amazing villages
  4. the small islands (look for “Small Cyclades”, Amorgos, Folegandros, Skiathos, Hydra, and many more)
  5. the people with their no-strings-attached hospitality and unique authenticity
  6. the food and drink (for some is the main reason to visit)
  7. the magical evenings with the locals creating a special vibe

island serifos tom hanks

Tom Hanks with locals (including one of our guides) in “unknown” Serifos island in the middle of the pandemic in August 2020. No “cases”, and no deaths of COVID-19 on this island.