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What is included (and excluded) in our tours?

The price and what is included is very clearly stated in each tour description and under the corresponding tabs of “Inclusions” & “Exclusions”.


☼ For all our day or multiday tours, great lunch and drinks are included. Why? Read on.

☼ Quality accommodation is always included in the multiday tours. We like to think that we go for the best overnight places based on our complicated criteria!

So when comparing pricing you need to take into account the above inclusions. Most tour agencies do not include the food (never) and the accommodation (sometimes).

Why these expenses are included?

☼ We consider them as very important parts of your experience to be left out. Bad choices can easily spoil the whole tour.

☼ We are not worried about the extra cost which makes our tours look more expensive. Our visitors are usually very well-traveled and intelligent to see what we offer.

☼ We trust you will understand that we are not making this choice to increase our profit but only to provide the best possible experience, all factors considered. This is secured by the fact you will eventually “judge and review us” on our food and accommodation choices too!

☼ We secure better pricing and quality for you and avoid the typical “commission-based agreements”.


☼ A professional (licensed) guide is not included but can always be arranged. Our tour leaders are always people with a wealth of knowledge and there is always a booklet in the vehicle with all the details of the tour and the sites.

☼ Your driver/tour leader -whether that is Nikos (founder of Eudaimonia), or Theo, or Alexa, or Panayiotis or Yota- will offer you a great authentic experience.

☼ Tickets to the sites are not included but we will pre-book when there is a reason like delays, securing good seats at train routes, etc.

☼ There are optional add-ons that are again shown clearly in their description but without pricing. For some of the add-ons, we sometimes need to contact a local supplier before confirming back to you. Not all add-ons of each tour can be included in the available time, and that changes too, depending on the time of the year and the daylight time available. If you are interested in certain add-ons just contact us and you will get pricing and availability, etc.

☼ Finally, during our multiday tours, dinner is not included although we will be suggesting the best places to try out.

PS. During the tours, it is very possible, that your tour leader will offer/suggest something extra if he/she feels there is time or can make time to include it. If he/she does not mention from the first moment any cost (99% of the time), you will assume it is one of our special moments and free offerings! We do not “sell” extra activities while on the tour!

Why these expenses are not included?

☼ Many people prefer to self explore and our guides and booklet will cover all they need to know.

☼ Professional (licensed) guides tend to be very expensive for 1-2 hours of walking with you through the ruins.

☼ Tickets for the sites are easy to book or purchase on the day.

Please, do check out all our FAQs Not 4 Dummies section. It contains a wealth of knowledge for the first time but also the experienced visitor of Greece.