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What about our pricing?

We have always been planing private tours and private tours can not be cheaper than if you are part of a big faceless bus tour or even part of a minivan shared with other unknown passengers. Furthermore, you need to consider that our pricing always includes lunch and drinks which is an important part of the Greek experience. Also included is your accommodation for any multiday tour, and at not at any touristy hotel.
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If your idea of having a good time in Greece is …
☼ a large chain hotel with a lobby and swimming pool, our agency is NOT for you!
☼ experiencing real Greece in style, this is FOR you!
☼ a budget/cheap holiday, this is NOT for you!
value-for-money, this is FOR you!
☼ avoiding the crowds (not only because of COVID-19), this is also FOR you!
☼ exploring the main sites and also the off-the-beaten-path and different aspects of unspoiled Greece, then TALK to us!
We select accommodation for you from:
  • Great holiday homes that are spotless with huge areas, balcony, and views
  • 5* hotels but not the typical faceless chain ones; only the unique ones that have something different to offer
  • Authentic stone-built guesthouses
  • Traditional small hotels with the special atmosphere of e.g. in a castle, a great location, excellent view

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We put a great effort to find hospitable and authentic accommodation, instead of the typical touristy, and impersonal hotels. We prefer to spend our nights in locally-owned guesthouses and stone-built properties where we are welcome with a genuine smile.

Bastione hotel
☼ Please, do check out our FAQs Not 4 Dummies section to see all our FAQs. It contains a wealth of knowledge for the first time but also the experienced visitor of Greece.