Why we ask you questions before and/or after you book with us?

Yes, we will ask you questions! The more days you will spend with us, the more questions you will ask! Especially if you are doing a multi-day tour with Eudaimonia, we will ask all the things we think we need to know to make your experience the best possible:

wine people

Age group, any children in your group, likes/dislikes, what you enjoy most; culture/history, landscape/mountains/coastline, food & wine, people, villages, islands, swimming, allergies, etc.?

We will recommend depending on your interests, style, priorities, time available. As a result, we’ll plan and recommend aiming for you to have a very memorable experience in Greece with us.


We even do need to ask if you are oversized in any respect; upwards, sideways, or … both ways! Embarrassing? Personal? We will meet/see you anyway, so why not tell us yourselves so that we can arrange, e.g. the most suitable vehicle for you and the demands of the tour. A huge NBA or American football player can’t fit in a normal car! But we have what you need if we know in advance!

 airport sign people

If we meet at the airport, don’t expect us to be holding a “sign.” This is a taxi driver’s or “touristy agency’s” way! Not us! You will know us already and we’ll ask you for your photo too! After all, we only do Private Tours, so we & you will get to know each other sooner or later. Private Tours for us means flexible and personalized tours.

Then again, if you feel that is better to keep us in the dark until we meet, so be it.