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Top Ten Do’s

1. OK, you’ll do Acropolis with the crowds! Then, the next best thing is the Mythical Peloponnese region! Visit it! Stay and explore!

2. Food! Food! Food! Mediterranean food is very good, but the Greek food is better! Try the rose wine, but not bottled. Ask 4 the house wine!

3. If you are into coffee, at least once, do Greek coffee in a proper place and proper way! This means, at least not in a plastic cup and not in Starbucks-like places.

4. Visit Meteora, if you have the time to do the trip to central Greece! It’s worth the long trip.

5. Ouzo, ice, water, authentic snack around 12:00 noon, and -if possible- at the right place!

6. Follow the locals! They know best where to eat, drink, swim. Buy Greeks products like olive oil, olives, feta cheese, wine, honey, from locals producers! We can help!

7. Don’t get on a tour bus. Don’t be a tourist!

8. Try grilled octopus (with Ouzo) but at places where they know how to make it non-rubbery!

9. If you are staying for more than two weeks, try to include central Greece too. It’s just as amazing as the Peloponnese region but requires a bit further traveling. Ask us for ideas!

10. Be healthy before you visit Greece!