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How to create the perfect itinerary?

Of course, this depends on many things like available days, budget, what you like, etc. But here are some tips for you.

  1. Choose a good base (hotel) in Athens so that you have easy access to the sites which are mostly within easy reach on foot or using the tube.
  2. A three day ( 2 night) stay in Athens will be sufficient. If you ask us, honestly? it will be too much! Go for one night!
  3. If you like to stay & explore more, there are always the hidden gems that will make you feel less of a tourist and more of a local.
  4. Try to base some of your days in a region like Peloponnese which is close to Athens/airport (2 hours) and will cover all your needs: archeological sites, beautiful towns, islands, beaches & swimming, mountains, landscape, old monasteries, gorges, wineries, and of course great non-touristy food!
  5. Islands? It does not have to be Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, etc. Don’t get the boat, it takes ages and you waste your holiday time. If you do want to visit the distant islands get the plane. For some islands, it is good to get the boat!
  6. If you want to visit islands but without wasting time go for the Saronic Gulf (south of Athens). They are great islands and some of them (Hydra & Spetses) are very cosmopolitan and amazing! Just a couple of hours away.
  7. Go for off-season holidays. Avoid the crowds, the bad service, and pricing of mid-July to end of August. Unless you have done your homework really well and know where to go even at high season and still enjoy the magic of Greece. If you have to do the high season, you can still avoid the crowds; talk to us.

If you need help to plan your trip, we will try our best to help you out.