How intense are the walks and activities of our tours?

We never had issues with people even in their seventies, with some extra weight and not in great physical condition. We simply take our time because these are private tours and we are very flexible. Some tours are really easy and always on almost flat surfaces. Some other tours will require a moderate level of fitness and are suitable for active but not necessarily fit people.

Visiting places like Delphi, Sparta/Mystras, or Mycenae all include some uphill walking. From our experience, people of all ages manage with no problems. Very limited tours of ours involve some extra hiking or add-ons that you can always skip.

Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to advise you further as to the suitability of each tour before booking. We love to plan for people that are open to telling us about themselves! We never understood why you wouldn’t tell us in advance you are a bit or a lot overweight or play basketball for the Lakers! We will meet anyway! If nothing else – if we know you in advance- we can arrange the proper vehicle for your tour.

☼ Please, do explore our FAQs Not 4 Dummies section to see all our FAQs. It contains a wealth of knowledge for the first time but also the experienced visitor of Greece.