folegandros island

Folegandros and Mylos islands

Here are two unique islands to search for and maybe add to your itinerary.


Probably the most delightful island in the Cyclades, Folegandros has similar views with its famous neighbor Santorini but is by far a better value for money island. An untouched paradise full of secret coves and amazing coastlines. The spectacular village of Chora at the top of the hill is considered one of the most magical spots in Greece.

You can either fly to Santorini and take a ferry or hydrofoil to Folegandros or a highspeed boat from Athens port.



Milos island is the southwestern island on the Cyclades and you can reach with highspeed ferries from Athens or fly directly (40 min).

It’s a volcanic island where the Venus de Milo was discovered but decided to … relocate to the Louvre! Milos has a coastline of 60+beaches which is one of its highlights. The beach that stands out is the out-of-this-world Sarakiniko with waters you’d instantly think have been … photoshopped!