Day-tours vs. Multi-day tours

Don’t spend all your time in Athens traveling to areas or sites out of the city, going back and forth. Combine your day tours out of Athens into one or a couple of multi-day tours!

You’ll save in all respects and have a much much better experience! The obvious touristy way is to base yourselves in Athens which appears easier, safer, etc. But it is NOT the best way! If you tell us what you like, we’ll set it up perfectly.

Greece is not Athens. You only need a night or two and then … go! 95% of the sites are in the countryside! And 40% of the UNESCO sites are in the Peloponnese region.

If you do day-tours traveling in and out of Athens every day, you waste so much time just to come back to the big city and miss out on real Greece. Overnights in small towns, cities, villages are amazing and you get to know real Greece, real people, real food & drink, real everything.

Question: What do you pay to get on a private multiday tour like this?

Answer: It is a little bit more costly than multiple day-tours in and out of Athens, but you get a lot more (guaranteed!) than what you pay for! Let’s say something like 100 EUR extra per day for … your tour leader’s hotel room. Need to say more?

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