Are there hidden costs in our tours?

Forget it! It simply does not happen with our agency! You will know in writing what you pay for and normally you will not have to reach for your cash or card while touring. Maybe only if you ask us to prearrange something for you (e.g. tickets).


What is included or not?

The non-included items are your tickets to the sites, your dinners during the multiday tours, and of course your personal expenses. Lunch, drinks, and accommodation/breakfast (for the multiday tours) are all and always included. Why? Because we want you to have the best experience without any issues. Do your research, read our reviews and you will understand that we don’t go for the cheap and profit-making solutions but for the great experience for you and the great references for us.


We do have an itinerary for each tour but we also options (most of the time not needed) to add at a cost that you know before you opt-in. BUT, we also have free options while on the tour. The later is something that will happen spontaneously and depends mostly on you. Meaning that …
If you really tell us what you enjoy most or not, you are out-going, quick to explore & we have free time in our itinerary, we won’t waste it! We know all the authentic spots to create an extra moment for you (and us), whether this is a Greek coffee at a unique mountain village, a stop at an olive press if the time is right, and many more not to give away at the moment.

☼ Please, do explore our FAQs Not 4 Dummies section to see all our FAQs. It contains a wealth of knowledge for the first time but also the experienced visitor of Greece.