At the Boat Museum – Trieres & Democracy

This is just a short trip from the center of Athens and one of the many hidden gems that people miss out on. A real treat for the boat and history lovers.

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Learn how the “Trieres” war ships & the battle of Marathon created … democracy! Learn how the “Trieres” war ships change the history of Europe in more than one occasion.

A trireme (/ˈtraɪəriːm/; derived from Latin: trirēmis “with three banks of oars”; Ancient Greek: τριήρης triērēs, literally “three-rower”) was an ancient vessel and a type of galley that was used by the ancient maritime civilizations of the Mediterranean, especially the Phoenicians, ancient Greeks and Romans.

Boat museum - Trieres

The trireme derives its name from its three rows of oars, manned with one man per oar. The early trireme was a development of the penteconter, an ancient warship with a single row of 25 oars on each side (i.e., a single-banked boat), and of the bireme (Ancient Greek: διήρης, diērēs), a warship with two banks of oars.

As a ship it was fast and agile, and it was the dominant warship in the Mediterranean during the 7th to 4th centuries BC, after which it was largely superseded by the larger quadriremes and quinqueremes. Triremes played a vital role in the Persian Wars, the creation of the Athenian maritime empire.